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Attention Partners
Join us for the World's first
Holistic Product Creation Launch
This is an invitation to promote
an integral & holistic centred product
and earn some great commission as well
  • Earn 40% Commission for each and every sale (~ $800 USD)
  • Give your tribe the power of cutting-edge world-first training
  • Join the new paradigm of Holistic Business Development
  • Promote us without any need to hard-sell, push or be salesy
  • Win BIG cash prizes, gifts and bonuses for both opt-ins and sales
We’ve helped generate $10 Million in the online space in the past three years and worked with over 20,000 holistic leaders across the globe.

Now it’s time to launch our greatest secret and we’d love you to join us!
    Why Promote This Launch?
    The obvious reason to promote this launch is to earn high commissions (40% on a PIF of $1997 = almost $800 per referral sale) plus huge bonuses and prizes.

    However there's more to this launch than just profit and a whole lot of fun!

    Many entrepreneurs are beginning to realise that the model they built their business on is completely unsustainable. This launch will present a new model for a more holistic approach to business and leadership development.

    Commission & Prizes
    We're going to do our absolute best to make you a tonne of commission! The program price is $1997 USD and we'll be paying you 40%(~ $800 USD) for each and every referral you send to us that purchases the program.
    We know you'll be super inspired once you join, because we're experts in over-delivering high quality, never-before-seen content that transforms lives. What we deliver in the pre-launch, launch and post launch sequence is innovative, intellectual property training so your people can finally create the income, impact and lifestyle of their dreams.

    Needless to say we'll be providing your tribe with enormous cutting-edge value and some powerful business insights, strategies and personal life-transformation.

    As a new JV partner, we'll do everything we can to reciprocate your support. We'll be paying you BIG commissions and offering kick-ass prizes. We'll also be super focused on impressing your people because helping your tribe make more money and a bigger impact just by watching the training is going to make you one very cool cat indeed :)

    ​You can rest assured that supporting us will return to you 10X as all of our launch content and programs are based on holistic principles and are results driven. We’ve hired the world's best launch marketing consultant to help us make this a roaring success.

    We’re all about collaboration and cross promotions. If you have our back we’ll definitely have yours and we're happy to discuss how we can support you.
    If this resonates, click the button below, fill out your details and we look forward to serving you and your tribe for many years to come!
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    JULY 17-24
    PLC 1-3
    The initial pre-launch is focused on delivering our 3 most powerful signature systems for online success.

    PLC 1: July 17 - The Transformational Journey
    PLC 2:  July 20 - Your Profitable Magic
    PLC 3: July 23 - The Holistic Product Roadmap
    JULY 27
    On the webinar we'll be providing training around our core pieces of intellectual property that helped us bring in over $1.3 million in our first 12 months.

    ​The Seed Sheet System
    The Product Accelerator
    The Holistic Product Blueprint
    JULY 28
    Cart will open on the live webinar. We'll be offering up over $50,000 worth of prizes, plus a bunch more awesomeness.
    AUGUST 2
    Get ready to wrap up your promotions with a strong finish.​
    We have a huge variety of prizes available for our JV's for opt-ins and sales.
    Our prizes total over $50,000, so rest assured we have your back and will have big rewards as a
    thank you for your support!
    1st Place: $2,500
    2nd Place: $1,500
    3rd Place: $1,000
    4th-5th Place: $100 Amazon Gift Card
    6th-10th Place: $50 Amazon Gift Card
    1st Place: $5,000 + VIP Velocity Coach Team Training delivered in 2018 - valued at $30,000
    2nd Place: $3000 + VIP Level 1 & 2 Visual Model Virtual Training delivered in 2018 - valued at $7,500
    3rd Place: $2000 + VIP Level 1 Visual Model Virtual Training delivered in 2018 -  valued at $5000
    4th Place: $1000
    5th Place: $500
    6th-8th Place: $100 Amazon Gift Card
    9th-10th Place: $50 Amazon Gift Card
    Our Launch Partners
    •  Bill Baren
    •  Jonathan Bender
    •  Jon Block
    •  Canadian College of Natural Nutrition
    •  Rachel Jane Groover
    •  Christina Hills
    •  Sharla Jacobs
    •  Eloise King
    •  Christine Kloser
    • Chris Kyle
    •  Sage Lavine
    •  Shannon Law
    •  Milana Leshinsky
    •  Justin Livingston
    •  Christian Mickelsen
    •  Sheri Rosenthal
    •  Ben Saltzman
    •  Mellissa Seaman
    •  Alina Vincent​
    •  And many more!

    About The Product
    The Holistic Product Blueprint™ helps transformational leaders rise above the competition and secure their financial future by helping them package and launch their intellectual property...
    We believe the lack of intellectual property is
    the major missing ingredient that prevents so many
    holistic leaders from having true and lasting success
    We have yet to see anyone teaching this powerful I.P accelerator training for the coaching, personal development or wellness space anywhere in the world. Intellectual Property creation is the missing link in the majority of online trainings available to holistic practitioners and transformational leaders.
    5 Powerful Reasons
    to Join This Launch
    1. Cutting Edge Training:
    We teach all elements of I.P creation, program sequencing, packaging and launching and are experts in the holistic space. Our program includes lifetime access to the membership training portal as well as a LIVE 2 day training event, all included in the program tuition.

    2. Holistic Principles:
    Our company represents the new paradigm of holistic business development principles. Our approach is non-salesy, authentic and integral and aligns perfectly with the holistic community across the globe.​
    3. World Class Support:
    We provide an active FB group, coaching calls, and support from our coaching team and high end program community with over 250 current members.
    4. Easily Affordable Price:
    $1,997 or 6 easy payments of $374 with the total package including bonuses valued at over $25,000
    5. Bonus Package:
    We include over $25,000 of bonus training included in our launch package. Here’s what they get when they purchase the HPB package for $1,997.
    This total package includes:
    The Holistic Product Blueprint - $5,000 value
    Holistic Product Blueprint LIVE - $2,500 value
    The Holistic Online Conversion Pack - $5,000 value
    Velocity Coaching  - $12,500


    TOTAL VALUE = $25,000
    Sneek Peek
    In this animation (embedded into PLC 1) we help your tribe understand the simplest and easiest way to package their "transformational journey".
    The HPB Program Outline
    The Holistic Product Blueprint program incorporates our
    3 core signature systems that have helped us & our clients bring in over $10 Million in revenue within the past 3 years alone.
    MODULE 1
    The Holistic Product Roadmap
    The 90 day system to start living your full potential & maintaining your wellbeing
    MODULE 2
    The Transformational Journey
    Sequencing your holistic pathway to setup repeatable results for your clients
    MODULE 3
    The Seed Sheet System
    Developing your Intellectual Property toolbox to secure your financial future
    MODULE 4
    The I.P. Accelerator
    Replicate your core frameworks for multiple branches of impact & income
    MODULE 5
    The Launch Roadmap
    Grow your wealth dashboard and make positive global impact
    MODULE 6
    The Conversion Code
    4 Signature methodologies for converting potential customers into paying clients
    Andy Ramsay and Marcus Bird have over 40 years combined experience in the Wellness Industry. Both have been successful Holistic Leaders, Clinic Managers and Online Wellness Business Owners. They have built multiple 6 figure and 7 figure companies within the wellness industry. Currently Andy & Marcus and the team at Wellness Leadership Academy present their live events in Australia, USA and Canada every year to sold out audiences. After collectively working with over 20,000 people these guys are considered the global experts on Holistic Leadership for the transformational space.
    Our dream is for the Holistic Product Blueprint to reach 10,000 leaders. When leaders are given the right business strategies that are "non-salesy" and highly commercially viable, leaders can get behind their product 100% and provide powerful transformation to their global audience.
    2017 Wellness Leadership Academy
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